Terms of sale




The prices quoted are Ex Works, Milano, Italy. Packaging and freight costs are indicated in each case at the check-out or in the final proposal, according to the type of equipment.

Time of Delivery

In accordance with the terms indicated (Ex Works, Milano, Italy) within the days indicated on the check-out or in the final proposal, according to the type of equipment. The estimated delivery time at the airport or the port of destination shall be indicated in each case. The days are counted from the completion of all of the following conditions when they are required:

  1. Receipt of the purchase order.
  2. Reception of the deposit agreed upon
  3. Receipt of all the required technical information to manufacture.
  4. Receipt of all samples required for the manufacturing

Conditions of Payment

By means of payment tools online available according to the type of team where available, or according to the following conditions:;

  1. 30% down payment with the purchase order or the acceptance of the proforma invoice issued by the company.
  2. 70% by letter of credit confirmed and irrevocable against shipping documents or alternatively 70% by means of direct wire transfer against notice of goods ready before shipping.

All the teams will be paid at 100% prior to customs clearance or payment is required to be guaranteed by a letter of credit confirmed and irrevocable against shipping documents. The payment of installation services be made against presentation of the respective invoice. The payment of services, interventions or assistance you required that are not covered by warranty is made 100% by anticipadoMuestras

All samples required by the manufacturer for the confirmation of the offer in case of be required, the start of construction or to the final testing shall be located at the manufacturer's premises in Italy by the buyer according to the instructions of the company without cost to the company. The company indicated appropriately the requirements of packaging, documentation and transport for each case.


The type and cost of packaging shall beindicated in the check-out or in the final proposal, according to the type of equipment and the type of shipping.

Inspection & Testing (FAT)

according to the type of computer the customer can evaluate the equipment in the plant prior to dispatch and you will be able to schedule a FAT (factory acceptance test). If you are required plant tests in, with the supervision of an inspector or external auditor, these should be notified in advance. All the inputs for the tests have to be placed without cost at the manufacturer's premises timely


cost installation services, when these are required or necessary, will be confirmed in the final proposal or when the customer requires it.

Scope of installation

For the installation of all the required services such as: water, electrical power, compressed air, steam, and the availability of the product should be located zero (0) feet to the place of installation, in accordance with the plans that will be provided in a timely manner. The supply of the services to the teams is the responsibility of the buyer and shall be conducted under the supervision of the technicians of the company. In the installation does not include anything that is not clearly specified in the offer and in particular: civil works, adequacy of other equipment or conveyors to accommodate the new machines, de-installation of existing equipment, handling of equipment and hiring of means of elevation, transportation, or load, etc


For commissioning and testing the buyer must ensure the continuous availability of all services, product and required packaging material. Any interruption or delay caused by reasons other than the technical service will be the responsibility of the customer and the costs associated with these delays and / or the higher costs for the inoperative days of the specialist technicians must be covered by the customer.


12 months against any defect of material and manufacture from delivery in operation. Damages caused by poor handling or maintenance or not in keeping with the manufacturer's requirements are excluded from the warranty. Defective electrical and electronic parts and parts at the start-up shall be replaced under warranty. They will then be excluded. Electrical and electronic parts and parts affected by power failures and alterations are excluded from the warranty.


One (1) printed copy and one (1) digital copy of operating manuals and parts and parts of the equipment are delivered.

Price validity

When prices are confirmed through a final proposal it will be valid for 30 calendar days. Any final proposal will be confirmed once the samples and technical information required are examined. The company reserves the right to make any technical or commercial modification or change to the final proposal once the samples and the required technical information are examined.