Purchasing process


Success in acquiring new machines for your packaging plant lies in properly defining the appropriate technology that perfectly adjusts to the technical requirements. The "precise solution" has been the slogan of the company for years and with your information and our advice we can define it together.


Some equipment or machines for small productions or particular applications can be purchased online thanks to the fact that all their technical characteristics, possibilities and limitations are clearly indicated and these do not depend on other factors. They can be easily chosen according to the requirements and a purchase process can be carried out without the need for an exchange of technical information with the company, although we is always available to clarify any doubts.

  1. Add the equipment (s) of interest to the shopping cart.
  2. When checking out, determine the payment method: a.) Make the full payment according to the means available on the page, b.) Make a payment according to the means available on the page and pay the balance by means of of a direct transfer (wire transfer) c.) Download the proforma invoice and make the payment (s) according to the conditions indicated in the invoice by means of a direct transfer (wire transfer).


Purchasing most equipment will require an exchange of critical technical information between the buyer and the customer before the customer can develop a final proposal.

  1. Add the equipment (s) of interest to the quote cart.
  2. Check-out by completing the information and detailing the requirements as much as possible.
  3. You will receive an email in which we will request the necessary technical data to be able to prepare a definitive proposal.
  4. We will send a final proposal and a proforma invoice clearly detailing the conditions of sale.
  5. The buyer makes the indicated payment (s) and the equipment will be produced and delivered according to the agreed conditions.