Softeners, AS / C PRO series automatic water softeners complete with two fiberglass vessels, automatic control valves, electronic programmer with pulse counter, pulse emitting water meter, food grade ion exchange resins, brine tank with float valves and separation plate, motorized 3-way valve.

The decalcifier described is automatic, dual system, alternating work (1 column always in service, one column in regeneration or waiting), by means of volume control.

The start of the regeneration of the exhausted column and the exchange of work between the columns works automatically, according to the preset volume of treated water. The automatic installation includes an electronic programmer with pulse counter that manages the operation of control valves and motorized 3-way valves, according to the pulses received by a water meter.

The electronic programmer is equipped with a buffer battery to save stored data even in the event of a power failure.
The electrical part works at low voltage (15 V DC) supplied by a transformer integrated in the electrical socket.

The brine injection is carried out by injectors.

The unit is fully automatic and regeneration can also be adjusted according to the following modes (always with the outlet line closed during regeneration): Automatic Delayed Volume (by delivered volume, but at a preset time of day) Automatic Schedule ( number of days of service, 0 ÷ 28 days) Manual start (button) (button available on the programmer), manual start from the remote control (contact on the terminal board inside the programmer)


Production capacity from 1,600 l / h to 20,000 l / h depending on the model and application.