Ideal for detecting the level of filling in the packaging, to protect the brand and as a prevention of legal claims for the marketing of non-compliant products. The system allows to detect the level of filling and the management of the expulsion of
containers with a low or excessively high fill level.

Available in other technologies: Technology by vision cameras, infrared
or X-rays

  • Easy integration into any filling line
  • Ready to integrate additional controls, such as:
  • Presence of stopper
  • High stopper
  • Cap color
  • Foam presence (600 series version)
  • Foam compensation (700 series version)
  • Monitoring

• Increased productivity
·· Reduction of the number of discards in case of malfunction of the filler
thanks to the control of consecutive discards produced by the same tap. Filling

• Increased quality
·· Elimination of market claims by overfilling
·· Product quality assurance and compliance with minimum fill content Main features

Functions / Results
Filling Level Control
• Filling level check
Discard by minimum level
Discard by maximum level
• Average production fill level
• Standard deviation of fill level
• Foam presence detection
• Foam compensation (advanced system only)