Existence control of tags CT Pro

There are several configurations of the plug basic inspection system.
It depends on the type of examination.

Optical sensor technology
· background analysis and checking using smart cameras
The line can be installed without modification
Independent tape support to eliminate discomfort and vibration, e.g
Ensure maximum accuracy and minimum maintenance

Increase productivity
-Reduce the number of discarded fish in case of cap failure
Thanks to the continuous fish disposal control
Improve quality;
-Cancellation of market claim for well cover loss
-Ensure correct color and wall model to ensure product image
-Product quality assurance;
Functions / outcomes
Cover inspection
Based on the configuration, it can be detected that:
There is a plug
There is a prison
The fire machine exists
The capsule exists
· Sego
· partially machined plugs
· plug not properly inserted
? tilt pad
•Couleur du Bouchon/Capsule/Fermeture