The CH EASY series of box seamers is ideal for closing the upper flaps and the subsequent sealing of cartons already formed and filled with product, using hot glue or adhesive tape. Series developed for bottling lines of low or medium production.

The filled and open boxes arrive by means of a conveyor belt to the seamer. The machine uses a box movement system through a mechanical device controlled by brushless motors. The short flaps are closed, then the hot glue is applied over them to finally close the long flaps of the box. At the end of the stroke a piston presses the box to guarantee the correct closure and tightness.

Structure, electrical panel and all parts in contact with the box in stainless steel. Aisi 304 Box separator system to achieve the proper cadence between boxes.
The main regulations are marked with a graduated scale, placed on adjustable trolleys by means of a steering wheel. Nordson hot glue applicator with four nozzle gun or tape applicator. Applicator ignition programmer to heat the glue before igniting the bottling line.
Protections for the prevention of accidents with aluminum loom and panels / glass in extruded methacrylate. Terminations in stainless steel and aluminum.


Production max.

(containers / hour)

Production max.

(boxes / hour)

CH 1300 EASY 5.000 500
CH 2010 EASY 12.000 1.500

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.