Manual vision IV Pro inspection of empty bottles


The ideal approach is to ensure the quality of empty containers before filling and to reduce the amount of clogging and discards due to contamination or defects and damage to empty bottles. The system allows inspection of the basic components of bottles to ensure consistency and quality before filling.

Increase productivity
-Reduce the number of times the filler and cover are blocked
-Reduce the number of total product discards
-Due to the recovery of the container function, the amount of discarded fish in the container is reduced
The bottle is clean, but it has the defect of filth
-Reduce hours of blackout
Improve quality;
-Reduced market claims for product losses
1. There are objects contaminated, worn or damaged
-Product quality assurance;

Empty bottle inspection
It can be checked according to the configuration:
· check the contour of the bottle at the entrance
· detection of damaged or damaged containers
Inspection of the fund
· oral examination
· ROSCA examination
Check the internal and external walls of the container (both input and output modules)
· scuffing
High frequency and infrared liquid leakage detection
  • Artificial vision technology is independent of the color of the container
  • Liquid slide detection of high frequency module
  • To improve sanitation and accessibility, motorized devices are separated from containers
  • maximum capacity 60 000 containers / hour