The BABY DEPAL EASY depalletizer is a semi-automatic equipment that takes the complete layer of bottles through inflatable tubes. An exclusive patent.

Although this compact equipment has been designed to feed low production bottling lines, its real capacity can reach 40 layers per hour under ideal conditions and with the appropriate bottle evacuation systems.

The recognition of our customers makes this machine one of the biggest successes with more than five hundred machines installed and in operation around the world.

The pallet is introduced by the operator in the depalletizing area. It is manually released from the heat-shrinkable plastic that protects it. The operator controls and activates the movement of the head to position the machine on the bottle pallet. Then it lowers the head on the bottles, stops it automatically and gives the consent for the taking of bottles with the inflatable tubes. The tubes when filled with air apply pressure on the necks of the bottles and the entire floor is clamped. The operator activates the vertical and horizontal movements of the head by means of a “joystick” located on the control panel.
The bottle floor that stops automatically at the height of the depalletizing table, the operator lowers the head with the bottles and when arriving at the table the machine automatically stops the head, empties the air present in the tubes and bottles are deposited on the feeding table. Finally the operator raises the head and the cycle repeats.

The BABY DEPAL EASY is a great depalletizer at a fair price built in Italy with a completely stainless steel structure. and the best components available on the market.

A great depalletizing solution for small and medium bottlers.


Standard pallet dimensions 1,000x1,200 mm or 800x1,200 mm 
Optional pallet dimensions To consult
Max height of pallets 2300 mm
Minimum / maximum diameter of bottles 62/99 mm
Minimum / maximum bottle height 200/380 mm
Max production * 6,000 containers / hour

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.