Depal 2.0 Pro automatic desalting machine is a complete set of desalting equipment which is designed with a loose leaf nozzle which can be filled with gas pipe.

Ideally, patterns of difficult to handle bottles that cannot be towed away due to their shape or special tray structure can be dispersed, for example, a suitcase of bottles in a tray.

Depal 2.0 Pro is designed for medium-sized production lines, although its maximum capacity is 100 pavements per minute.

This is a brand new project, the design is completely innovative, fully automated and has the maximum flexibility.According to the requirements of customers, automatic stowage provision, separator extraction and other applications can be added.

All of these will be reduced in size to form a compact configuration suitable for spaces that are not suitable for traditional machines.

Standard note size 100x12000mm or 800x12000mm 
Optional bulb sizes Inquiry, inquiry
The highest Club 2300 mm
Minimum / maximum bottle diameter 62 / 99 mm
Minimum / maximum bottle height 200 / 380 mm
Maximum yield* 12 000 packages / hour

*Productivity may vary depending on the level of operator efficiency, product format, and "pull outs" on the line.