Boxes, boxes, boxes


Automatic box and box packer for packing loose or multi packaged products into boxes or trays, producing no more than 50 packages per minute. Giotto packer is designed with modular structure, allowing for a range of personal requirements suitable for packaging. Most diversified products, even on a very small scale.

Giotto boxes use prepackaged cardboard to form a box around the product; this technology ensures maximum stability within the package, while ensuring solid packaging and stacking.
The use of single layer cartons can also provide exquisite boxes for the B2B market.

Recommended packaging: brick, pencil box, jar, bottle, jar, can, beer, wine, alcohol and spirits, detergent, crematorium, food.

  • Order stainless steel for frames and components in contact with products.
  • Every mobile device is protected to ensure the safety of workers.
  • Sliding protection enables the operator to have a comprehensive understanding of the machine and its wide aperture ensures easy access during maintenance and cleaning phases.
  • A machine running in three shifts, energy saving and quiet.
  • A "touch screen" panel with a simple and intuitive interface: it enables the operator to quickly configure all parameters and has a wide range of preset values.
  • Quick modification of preset formats launched from the standard touch screen control panel; no need to replace parts.
  • Automatic conversion of optional formats.
  • Combine the presence of the product and the cardboard with sensors and photoelectric cells.
  • Can provide online power version, side edge edge edge edge edge edge edge edge edge edge edge edge or 90 degrees.


  • Automatic format change
  • Additional access
  • Honeycomb device
  • Warehouse expansion
  • 1 / 4 tray palette
  • Adjustable Food Guide
  • Manual or automatic central lubricating oil.
  • Mechanized mosaic bank
  • Used to control the presence of photocells in the product after the separation phase.
  • Upper shell closed
  • Half plate stainless steel
  • Custom color
  • The air conditioner of the electricity meter.
  • Remote service

    Industry Register 4.0


    Maximum production: 50 ppm
    2 to 5 mm board thickness.
    Upper pad internal closure
    Installed power 25 kW
    Voltage 400v-3 / 50 Hz + N + G (or as required)
    IP54 power protection
    Compressed air consumption 4 Ni / cycle to 6 bar
    Operating temperature min + 5 ° C - MAX + 40 ° C
    Relative humidity 70% maximum
    4000 kg total weight
    Product presence control + photoelectric cell
    Color of the ral 7037 (gray) machine