Compact automatic wrap around box packers suitable for production lines where a small machine with a speed of up to 15 boxes per minute is required. The precision with which it forms the box around the product is created by a clean, stackable and environmentally friendly packaging is the reason why it is used in many industrial sectors.

  • Maximum attention to security. Each mobile element is protected to ensure the safety of liners.
  • Sliding guards allow a complete view of the machine to the operator, the wide opening ensures easy access during the maintenance and cleaning phases.
  • Structured machine to operate in three shifts, with reduced energy consumption and good silence.
  • "Touch screen" panel with simple and intuitive interface: allows the operator to quickly configure all parameters and has a wide range of presets.
  • Pick & Place module available in different variants, including magnetic, suction cups, with paddles.
  • Quick change of preset format, activated from the standard touch screen control panel.
  • Combined control of product and cardboard presence with sensors and photocells.


  • Partial automatic format change
  • Additional channels
  • Hive device
  • Inserting between layers for multilayer packaging
  • Adjustable feeding guides with steering wheels
  • Manual or automatic centralized lubrication.
  • Motorized mosaic bench
  • Photocells for the presence control of the product after the separation phase.
  • Top outer flap closure
  • Custom RAL color
  • Air conditioning of the electrical panel.
  • Interface with central data collection system.
  • Teleservice

Ready for Industry 4.0


Max production: 15 ppm
Cardboard thickness from 2 to 5 mm.
Upper lapel internal closure
Installed power 13 kW
Voltage 400V- 3 phases / 50 Hz + N + G (O agree requirements)
Electrical protection IP54
Compressed air consumption 400 NI to 6 bar
Working temperature min + 5oC - max + 40oC
Relative humidity max 70%
Total weight 2,500 kg.
Product presence control for probes + photocells
Machine color RAL 7037 (grey)