Automatic packing system for armed of carriers pre-stuck down and the capture and fitted of bottles inside every carrier.

The CARRIER STANDARD 200 PRO is the perfect machine for the packing of the whole handmade beer industry. It is a completely innovative solution, it joins the functions of armed with the container (carriers of 4 and 6 bottles) and of packing of the bottles in only one machine. Compact, robust and sure it guarantees an ideal yield in the line end.

Unit of armed of carriers
It realizes armed with the pre-stuck down carrier and the transfer towards the group of fitted.
A device of extraction composed by a robust mechanical movement to levy takes the baskets of the store. The continuous movement allows to reach high speeds. The gap system, synchronized mechanically it retains the basket in the fund while an arm of hoisted arms it. Two special mechanisms are activated to hook the fund of the basket to the side part.

Unit of packing of bottles in the carrier
It realizes the alignment of the product and the fitted one towards the interior of the basket.
A table assures the continuous bottles feeding towards the capture station.
The pre-stuck down, originated basket from the unit of armed, is transferred to the area of fitted. The compress of fitted, it takes the product of the above mentioned station and places it inside the basket. A special device of centered mobile allows to accompany the fitted one of the bottles towards the interior of the basket. A carrier transfers the baskets to the group of fitted into American boxes.

Mounted on a solid steel base, the structure of the machine is made entirely of steel inox Aisi 304.
The access to the machine remains guaranteed in a simple and sure way thanks to safety doors realized with completions in aluminum and polycarbonate with 5 mm thickness.
Arm Robotizado for the fitted one of bottles of high precision. Composed by a robot to two axes controlled by engines brushless. The arm of the robot is projected to realize a brief trajectory according to the format. It allows to reach high services maintaining an absolute precision. A device anti-collision connects the arm to the capture compress, guaranteeing the integrity of the product and of the mechanics.

Predisposed for the use specific compresses of capture, provided with finished tweezers of gum with rapid action dedicated to the bottles packed one inside the Carrier, guarantee the maximum integrity of the product. A fixation device allows levy a rapid change of the accessory. Regulations by means of frills with numerical visualization or metric references that allow a rapid change of format.

A wide control panel type touch screen (HMI) with simple and intuitive interface attends to us in the use of the machine, allowing to create new functioning programs and of helping us to realize with rapidity the change of format. The tactile panel guides constantly the worker in the execution of the operations with suggestions and alarms visualizing the functioning parameters.
Store baskets of 500 pieces with system of signaling of absence of product.

Dimensions of the carriers
Nr Carriers. 4/6 bottles
Thickness: Min. / Max.1,2 mm
Length: Min.125 mm Max. 290 mm
Height: Min. 180 mm Max. 300 mm
Width: Min.110 mm Max. 165 mm
Cell: diameter bottle + 4 mm

Dimensions of the bottles
Diameter: Min. 50 mm Max. 80 mm
Height: Min. 180 mm Max. 300 mm

Up to 9.000 Packings / hour – based on the type of compress.
*The hourly production can change based on the type of used format