The INCA 3000 HP PRO model is an automatic boxer developed for the introduction of bottles into RSC-Americana cardboard boxes. The technological model used for the product intake and deposit module inside the box, together with the exclusive and unique software developed to manage the change of format, have made it possible to create a unique machine in terms of innovation, performance and volumes.

The machine can be integrated with the new Super-Divider threading system necessary to guarantee a correct feeding of bottles to the Boxing.
Also available in the 4 Heads - 4T version.

The machine connected to a suitable bottle feeding system receives the bottles thanks to the multi-row accumulation system. On the other hand, an automatic box erector forms the boxes and sends them to the packer by means of a conveyor. The boxes are received at a lower level, while the bottles are placed on the collection table at a higher level. The head takes the product from the table and transfers it into the American box. The movement of the bottle taking head is characterized by its extremely harmonious and precise tobotized arm operation. A mobile centering device accompanies the entry of the bottles. After introducing the bottles into the boxes, the head returns to its initial position to repeat the cycle.

Composed on a solid base in painted steel, the structure of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. Aisi 304. Access to the machine is guaranteed in a simple and safe way thanks to security doors made with aluminum finishes and polycarbonate panels with a thickness of 5 mm.
Robotic arm with a capacity greater than 300Kg. Self-regulating multi-format bottle taking head by means of Brushless motors available in 24/36/48 shots version or according to the format. Self-regulating multi-format box centering device. Self-regulating box conveyor with automatic positioning. Group of automatic rotation of boxes in exit.
It is the first fully self-regulating case packer with automatic format change. Built with 2 robust gear motors that allow a radical reduction in moving masses. In the bottle taking head, several components present in traditional balers that require maintenance due to wear are replaced, among them are eliminated, linear movement guides and chains. Thanks to this solution, a higher production capacity is obtained, maximum delicacy in the treatment of the product, total flexibility in the formats and maximum reliability.
A simple and intuitive touch screen type control panel (HMI) allows the use of the machine. It allows creating new operating programs and searching for them quickly to carry out the format change. It constantly guides the operator in the use of the machine with suggestions and alarms by displaying the operating parameters. Equipped with CE certificate in accordance with the Directive of the Council of the European Community (2006/42 / CE) and successive modifications.

Max production * 18,000 Containers / Hour

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.