Packing automatic with shrinkable film suitable for lines that require speeds medium to high. The frame sheet bent without welding, also available in the version partially or completely of stainless steel, makes these machines to be stable, flexible, and easy to clean.

  • Technology soft touch for packaging fragile: the motion of the rods that accompany the product guarantee a contact calibrated so as not to damage the products.
  • Rotary cutting operated by brushless motor for a perfect cut even at high speeds.
  • Adjustable air flow within the tunnel, for thermal contraction calibrated according to the size of the package.
  • Tunnel contraction inspeccionable: big panel that you can open to minimize maintenance times.
  • Spindle double for greater autonomy of production.
  • Manuals and technical documentation: available in the language of the country of installation (upon request).
  • Certifications: complies with the regulations of the country of destination.
  • Inteesgración intelligent: compatible with most popular software and protocols, enterprise management (ERP).
  • Designed for your product: the entire route of the product and its handling was optimised in the samples that it provides.

A wide range of options to make this shrink wrap is perfect for your production line:

  • Change auto format
  • printed Film: centering
  • Holder of the second spool
  • double-Track or triple for small formats
  • Guides power adjustable ruffled
  • centralized Lubrication manual or automatic.
  • Bank of mosaic motorized
  • Photocells for the control of presence of the product after the phase separation.
  • Pneumatic Motor to empty the furnace in case of power failure.
  • Air conditioning of the electrical box.
  • Version partial or total stainless steel.
  • Color RAL customized
  • Teleservice

List for Industry 4.0

Production max.: 60 ppm in a single track
Production max.: 180 ppm only in film of triple-track
Length of the cutting blade: 700 mm
installed Power: 65 kW - 70 kW
- Voltage: 400V - 3 phases / 50 Hz + N + G (Or according to requirements)
auxiliary Voltage: 24 V DC / AC
electrical Protection: IP54
compressed air Consumption: 20 NI / cycle at 6 bar
working Temperature: min + 5 ° C - max + 40 ° C
relative Humidity: maximum 70%
Total weight: 3,300 kg - 4,000 kg
Control of product presence: sensors + photocells
machine Color: RAL 7037 (grey), RAL 3020 (red)