The INSER 3000 HP automatic partition inserting machine was designed to assemble and insert flat cardboard grids in American rsc type cardboard boxes with or without bottles.

The totally new design compared to the existing solutions, the “motion” technology used for the opening system and positioning of the separator inside the box allow combining high performance and optimal levels of efficiency.

A vibrating mat conveyor complements the supply for a smooth lowering of the partitions without damaging the labels when the bottles are already inside the boxes.

Composed on a solid base in painted steel, the structure of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. AISI 304.

Access to the machine is guaranteed simply and safely thanks to security doors made with aluminum finishes and polycarbonate panels with a thickness of 5 mm.

Simple and intuitive touch screen control panel (HMI) to use the machine. It constantly guides the operator in the use of the machine with suggestions and alarms by displaying the operating parameters.

High autonomy separating boxes warehouse with product shortage signal system.


Technical details

Max production * 18,000 Containers / Hour

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.