Ideal to guarantee the total quality of the labelling in relation to the correct positioning, correspondence with the format and integrity of labels of any type, including opaque and partially transparent labels applied in any type of container having a cylindrical or square base, whether partial or wrapping.

The 3D Technology Labelling Inspector is based on a 4-camera system
industry that creates the REAL REBUILD of a 3D MODEL that does not
needs the orientation of the bottles.

• Artificial vision technology
• Actual 3D reconstruction engine
• Independent system of orientation of packaging *
• Inspection of the labelling of containers of cylindrical, square, rectangular section.
• Creation of simple and intuitive formats, configuration of the analyses in graphical mode,
based on the actual image acquired
• System for automatic acquisition of the calibration values of the correct package

• Increase in productivity
Reduction of the number of discards in case of malfunction of the
Labeling thanks to the control of consecutive discards
Optimization of the regulation and maintenance of the labeling
• Increase in quality
Elimination of market claims due to wrong positioning
of the labels
Guarantee of correct labelling (positioning and printing)
Guarantee of integrity, correspondence, good impression of codes in the
Guarantee of the quality of the product
The 3D-technology tagging inspector allows you to inspect:
• Presence of label
• Positioning of the label (vertical, horizontal, rotation)
• Correct distance between the axes between the labels
• Correct positioning with regard to relief of bottles (ambushing)
• Correspondence with the format in production
• Integrity/quality of label
• Correct welding in the union of sleeve labels
• Correspondence of the colour of the capsule
• Correct positioning of the capsule
• Integrity of the codes (batch, expiry date)
• Reading of printed codes (Barcodes, Datamatrix, QR-Code)