Less space and higher efficiency. This is the most relevant feature of the new AXIPACK PRO end-of-line for case assembly, packaging, insertion of partitions and sealing, ideal for medium and high production bottling lines.

The AXIPACK PRO modular system was developed on the innovative IMS technology platform - "intelligent modular system". The IMS represents the result of many years of intense technical development inspired by the goal of revolutionizing the packaging industry through three concepts.

The system combines all end-of-line operations such as box assembly, packing, partition insertion, and module sealing into one compact and efficient package.

Communication between the different packaging modules is carried out by innovative electronic devices. In this way the logic of the packaging modules and the operational interaction is immediate and effective.

The AXIPACK system is not simply a set of machines or a packaging monoblock, it is an efficient modular integration that performs all end-of-line operations with the most advanced technology and efficiently in a compact space.

Its construction in stainless steel. Aisi 304, the use of the best components available on the market, the control of all movements by means of brushless motors, its great flexibility and its ease of format changes have made it a leading solution in the market.

Max production * 18,000 Containers / Hour

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.