The TRIO EASY monoblock is the ideal packaging system for assembling cardboard boxes, picking up and packing bottles and sealing them with adhesive tape in low production bottling lines.

TRIO EASY brings together all end-of-line functions, including top box sealing, in a single machine.

The equipment can be equipped with multi-format heads that do not require changes to handle different sizes of containers and centering devices for boxes with or without partitions.

In a few square meters of space with great robustness and total reliability, this model is also one of the greatest successes of the company with more than four hundred machines installed and in operation in the world.

Also available in a version for grouping Bag In Box packaging.


Standard Configuration 6.12 or 15 packages / box
Deposit Capacity Approx. 75 Folded boxes
Max production * 3,000 Containers / Hour

* Productivity may vary in relation to the level of efficiency of the operators, the format of the product and the layout of the line.