The new UNIBLOCK PRO monoblock for assembling and packaging American rsc type cardboard boxes has a production capacity of up to 10,000 packs/hour.

The unit automatically assembles the boxes, seals the lower flaps with hot-melt and packs the bottles into the box.

The Uniblock consists of two operating units that integrate the packaging of the box, the lower sealing unit and the packing unit.

Movements are controlled by inverter for smooth insertion of bottles into boxes.

The equipment ensures high performance when handling boxes of various formats with or without internal partitions. Multi-format collection heads, separators and centering devices allow the packaging of bottles with a diameter of 62 mm to 108 mm without the need to replace parts.

Its construction in stainless steel. Aisi 304, the use of the best components available on the market, the control of all movements by means of brushless motors, its great flexibility and its ease of format changes have made it a market-leading solution.

Lower Closure Hot-Melt
Magazin Capacity 75
Max production* 10,000 packs/hour

*Productivity may vary in relation to operator efficiency level, product format and line layout.