The 12021 FE CAN automatic monoblock is a high-quality, highly technological solution for filling and sealing aluminum cans. IIt includes a high pressure rotary volumetric filler equipped with 24 electropneumatic valves and a Ferrum 3 head rotary sealer.

The 12021 FE CAN automatic monoblock is a highly technological solution for filling and sealing quality aluminum beverage cans. Manufactured with a stainless steel base structure, it integrates a high-pressure rotary volumetric filler equipped with 24 electro-pneumatic valves and a Ferrum 3-head rotary sealer. All parameters and filling cycles can be controlled and adjusted from the control panel.
The volumetric filling tower consists of the following main elements:
1. Height adjustment of the electric turret
2. Motion transmission
3. Pneumatic system to lift the plates with return cam and automatic lubrication
4. Centralized dummy for washing
5. Electropneumatic filling valve
6. Flow meter
7. Annular pressure tank (maximum pressure 4 bar)
8. Electro-pneumatic filling valve control
9. Gas and compressed air distribution.
10. Power supply
The volumetric filling valve prevents any return of the product in the tank, excluding any possible contamination and oxidation of the product inside the container. The filling volume is adjustable from the control panel without manual intervention according to the capacity of the can. Each valve is equipped with a dummy can to clean and disinfect the machine. The dummy cans are mounted on the filler, with manual positioning and centralized discharge. The filling valve can operate with a filling pressure of up to 4 bar. The fill tank has a suitable analog level sensor to manage the
feed pump inverter. The gas pressure in all circuits is automatically controlled by a PLC. The filler is equipped with an external system for flushing the filling valves.

This electro-pneumatically operated filling valve has important
features and is integrated with the turret to optimize the wash cycle with the application of dummy cans. The main characteristics, which determine the strengths of the entire construction, are as follows:
1. Flexible filling
All working parameters, such as can pre-flow and flushing, working pressure (0.5 to 4 bar), volumetric filling cycle and degassing, are set on the control panel and can be modified without manual intervention of the operator
2.Adjustment of flow meter
The flow meter setting determines the amount of beer fed into the can. If the capacity of the can varies, simply set the new value on the touch screen.
3. Centralized fake can
Manual and simultaneous positioning of all dummy cans always present on the machine.
4. Safety of the sanitation cycle
Electropneumatic actuation valves, together with the presence of dummy cans with their discharge circuit, allow to create well-defined sterilization cycles for each filling circuit.
5. Repeatability of the operation
The filling cycle, managed with timed phases, guarantees the maximum repetition of the work cycle, leaving it unaffected by speed variations in the production line.
6. Pressure transducer
The pressure transducer, on the edge of each filling valve, allows the pressure of the can to be checked at all times to control that the filling cycle is carried out correctly and to find possible anomalies or malfunctions. These controls allow, for example, to detect: damage to the plug and centering cone gaskets, effectiveness of pre-flow and flushing, defective can, etc. In addition, it is possible to check the efficiency of each filling valve.
7. Construction with 4 electro-pneumatic valves
Use of 4 electro-pneumatic valves to control separately
circuits of:
• Pre-flushing fill and return
• Flushing
• Return of gas flow
• Worn out
8. Storing the recipe
The filling cycle is established through the control panel and does not require any manual intervention on the filler. Saving cycles and recalling when required simplifies and speeds up the format change operation, allowing for a more consistent operation of production.

Filling valves: 24
Sealing heads: 3
Production max. (liters / hour): 4.000
Speed ​​max. (cans / hour) (330 ml): 12.000 

* Productive capacity and speed depend on the characteristics of the product.