The ISOLA BEER PRO series of monoblocks has been designed for the beer industry as a compact, integrated, versatile and complete end-of-line solution.

The monoblocks are modular and integrate standard 200 PRO series monoblocks for carriers and ISOLA PRO monoblocks for rsc American cardboard boxes.

Composition of ISOLA BEER PRO monoblocks:

  • A STANDARD 200 PRO monoblock that integrates a carrier assembly and packaging module
  • An ISOLA PRO monoblock that integrates according to the model an American rsc box assembly module, a carrier packing module in the boxes, a partition insertion module, a box sealing module

Its construction in stainless steel. Aisi 304, the use of the best components available on the market, the control of all movements by means of brushless motors, its great flexibility and its ease of format changes have made it a market-leading solution.

This set of machines integrates a perfect and complete packaging solution for craft breweries both leg glass bottles and cans.

STANDARD 200 PRO Carrier assembly and packaging module
ISOLA 2 HM PRO Modules arm +lower closure+packing rsc boxes
ISOLA 3 HM PRO Arming modules + lower closure + packaging and top closure by hot-melt or self-adhesive
ISOLA 4 HM PRO Arming modules +lower closure+packaging+ inserting partitions and top closure by hot-melt or self-adhesive
Max production* 8,000 Packs/Hour

*Productivity may vary in relation to operator efficiency level, product format and line layout.