EURO SYSTEM EASY is the line of automatic rinsing, filling and taping monoblocks for productions up to 3,000 b/h manufactured in Canelli, Italy for the filling of spirits, wines, distillates, water and other liquid products.  From the beginning the project EURO system was designed to obtain the maximum flexibility that allows many configurations with one or more closed/closed systems assembled on the same frame without requiring significant variations to the base project. In this way, a machine can be built according to the real demands of the user.          
Rinsing (number of tweezers) 9/12/16 TECNA model
Filler (number of valves) 12/ 16/ 20/ 24 
Production max.1 (litre/hour) 500 / 4.500 
Filling system By gravity.  Slight depression High vacuum.  Slight pressure.
Type of liquids All gas-free liquid
Bottle inlet Endless input
Filling tank lift Manual, on open column system. Page 37
Type of stopper Monocabezal
Type of stopper Cork stopper for wine.  Aluminium screw cap.  Crown stopper.  Head plugs with traditional system.  Head plugs with "pick & place" system.  Pressure plugs.  Threaded capsules with "pick & place" system.  Other capsules with distribution to the flight.
Speed max.2 (bottles/hour) 3.000 
Type of bottle Glass, plastic
Shape of the bottle Cylindrical, square or profiled