The CH 3000 HP PRO is an automatic projected machine for closing American rsc type cardboard boxes and gluing the upper flaps with hot glue on high production bottling lines.

The machine has been designed for closing and sealing the top flaps of the cardboard with hot glue. The boxes arrive full, from the carton transporter with the upper flaps open. The machine inserts the boxes with an automatic continuous movement system using motorized bars and tapestry that move the boxes through the machine, doing so with the required cadence.  The motorized and electronically synchronized rotary flaps closes the short flaps, then applying hot glue, while the high-speed continuous pressing system closes long flaps. A self-regulating roller system ensures proper pressing of the upper flaps, once closed. All machine operations are monitored by means of intelligent control from the PLC.


Built on a solid steel base, the machine frame is made entirely of stainless steel. Aisi 304.Access to the machine is guaranteed easily and safely by means of safety doors made of aluminum and 5 mm thick polycarbonate panels.  It has a self-regulating system with automatic format change. No accessories required. Format change orders are performed from the Touch Control Panel.

The touch control panel (HMI) makes the use of the machine simple and intuitive. Create new operating programs and quickly recover them to perform the format change. It constantly guides the operator to use the machine with suggestions and alarms, showing the operating parameters.
Equipped with Nordson hot glue applicator with 4 nozzle gun with tail preheating function.


Production max.


Production max.


FORM 3000 HP PRO 18.000 3.000

*Productivity may vary in relation to operator efficiency level, product format and line layout.