Multi head rotating coverProduction capacity up to 16000 MHz.The future promh is an automatic rotating cover series produced by carnelli Italy for FTM. It is developed in cooperation with arol spa technology, which is the world's leading closed system construction.

Featuring quality and price, the machine features innovation, flexibility and technology at the absolute class apex and a perfect and reliable lid.

All covers can be used free of charge or incorporated into our single block.

Almost any type of cover can be used in any version:
-Natural wine cork
-Roller aluminum screw cover and other flying covers
-Head plug of traditional system
-Head cover with Pick & amp; place
-Wang Guansai
-Pressure plug
-Precoil cover with "pick & amp; place" system

Italy is 100% designed and manufactured with the best materials and components. With the guarantee and support of FTM and hundreds of global facilities.

type  (3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 heads) 
speed  16000 bottles per hour 
Packaging type Glass, plastic