Our carriers for bundles and boxes are conceived to adapt themselves to the characteristics of the format and of the material used as packing.


  • Maximum adaptability to the characteristics of the box or bundle -
    The fabrican carriers according to the specific needs for the production line of the client. This personalización allows to obtain the maximum efficiency of the whole productive system and avoid both the stops of the installation and the deteriorations of the transported bundles / boxes.
    We put also a lot of care in the election of the type of band to guarantee the best conditions of safety and yield during the transport.
  • Simple and rapid operative management
  • Modular design.The system of modular manufacture of the carriers assures facility and installation speed and personalización. The modules of sound in stainless steel (AISI 304) and its production it is a 100 % internal and made in Italy.
  • Design flexibility.Our engineering department develops solutions according to the productive needs and the typology of product to be transported.
  • Under maintenance costs
  • Soundness and resistance
  • Installation and rapid essays