Conveyors are essential for the movement of packaging and their operation determines the success of the production chain. Conveyors are designed and manufactured according to the needs of the transported product.


  • Container flow performance and continuity
  • Sensors and intelligent control system
  • Orthogonal geared motors installed on the conveyor drag shaft
  • Energy saving logic
  • Integrated internal washing systems
  • Minimum times for format change
  • Solid structure in stainless steel aisi304

Constructive features:

  • Simple and fast installation. The modularity of the conveyors allows the custom design of the plant, according to the specific needs of the customer's production line.
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Modular bands according to the characteristics of the product to be transported, modular chains or bands can be used, with different thicknesses, for optimal strength and efficiency.
  • Attention to chain materials. The conveyor chain is studied according to the customer's needs and can be  of the following materials: acetylic resin, delrin, kevlar or steel.
  • Conveyors are complete with: guards, tree greaser, chain sliding profiles in high density polyethylene, cencauchetated chain return rollers and anti-friction.
  • Ground supports for maximum stability. Ground supports are composed of side support, stainless steel tube and circular, articulated, plastic support bases.
  • Flat sliding height of standard height containers is 1100mm, adjustable from +/- 50mm.